Backend Engineer - Graduation Internship (Python)

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Location: Bordeaux, France ()


BackMarket is the number one European (and soon global) marketplace specializing in the sale of fully refurbished tech devices.

Job Description

Back Market is the #1 marketplace for refurbished electronic devices in Europe and in the US, leading the way in a shift towards a circular economy, freeing the planet from electronic waste. We are proud to sabotage ‘new’ by connecting highly certified professionals to consumers who are looking for a more affordable, reliable and an ecological alternative to purchasing brand new products.   

We are undergoing meteoric growth and have raised over 884M€ already! In order to reach ambitious goals, our talented, humble and passionate team, the heart of innovation - Bureau Of Technology - has an objective to recruit Back Makers (or Saboteurs) to start their graduation internships in January in our inclusive, fulfilling and caring work environment in our offices in France (Paris & Bordeaux), Batrcelona & Berlin.  

Be a part of the movement. Join the refurb revolution.

About the Role & Introduction to the Tribes:

The group of Backend Software Developers will help us to design, develop, and manage the technical functionalities related to the evolution and adaptation of our international business.  You will be working in an agile "build it and run it" environment in one of the 4 Tribes, where engineering teams build, launch, monitor and support the product that they own. We are looking for passion in creating systems by producing clean, consistent and well-organised code. As well as a good team player supporting colleagues and creating a learning and sharing environment!

Perfect Journey Tribe.

This tribe empowers users to find the right products & services on Back Market. Here, we work with users finding, understanding, trusting & loving Back Market, encouraging them to explore through seamless browsing flows, promoting tailored content, offering top m-commerce experience via our mobile app & a great checkout process.

Merchant & Care Tribes. 

The Merchant tribe elevates merchant quality & growth the good ones to build a global supply, while becoming essential to their business, as well as provides our customers with timely and relevant post-purchase information & ensures they receive fast & qualitative support!

The Care tribe designs, implements and delivers software to provide a delightful post purchase experience to customers.

Examples of problems we are trying to solve: how do we communicate timeline and relevant post-purchase information to customers? How do we ensure customers receive fast and qualitative support from merchants and support staff when facing an issue with their products?

Bucks Tribe.

Back Makers in this tribe build scalable and trustworthy payment services that are business enablers for Back Market. These teams work on creating resilient and flexible pay-in and payout systems for Back Market users, as well as identifying, tracking & validating every transaction to reconcile and explicit Back Market's money flows.

Platform Tribe.

The Platform Tribe powers the infrastructure, ignites engineers, and elevates stability, security, and efficiency through governance & automation so we can grow! In this Tribe, squads work on data collection & preparation, provide a robust cloud infrastructure to host services developed by the Tech department, handle daily hardware, software and process needs for Back Makers & improve developer's experience by providing the right tools, as well as stabilize the platform.

You are in the right place if:


  • You are in your final year of study in Computer Science/Software Engineering (or related)
  • You are available for 6 months starting January
  • Your school is providing you with an Internship Agreement (a.k.a Convention du Stage) in the EU.
  • English is a no brainer for you
  • Soft Skills:

  • You are an autonomous, curious, humble & talented future engineer with a real interest for the circular economy
  • You have massive crush for everything tech & proactively discover about the latest updates 
  • You want to evolve in an organization where agility is a key success factor
  • A fun & team-work oriented environment is where you flourish
  • Technical Skills:

  • You have a strong appetite for Python/Django while being open-minded about other technologies
  • You want to do development while following and learning good practices (unit testing, continuous integration...)
  • You love monitoring and having the possibility to integrate the latest technologies if they bring value
  • You want to join a motivating technical environment: AWS, RestFul API, Python, Django, VueJs, Algolia, NewRelic, Jenkins, Docker, Continuous Integration, Celery, SQS, ElasticSearch, Nginx, UWSGI, Unit Test
  • Little extra: chess or board game player, fan of Nana Mouskouri
  • Even better, if:

  • You enjoy participating in various coding competitions or started some projects on your own
  • You are product minded and open to interact with our Business stakeholders. Your work will impact millions of clients!
  • Why should you join us? 

    • One of the most visited websites in France - how cool is it to discover what we deal with on a daily basis from the Tech side?

    • If you’re having a daytime job, might as well make it meaningful, right? Through work, you will help avoid thousands of tons of e-waste & fight against planned obsolescence.

    • Top-notch mentoring: throughout your internship you will be taken care of by our mentors that will guide you to become an autonomous junior specialist who is ready to launch their career! Maybe even with us? ;)

    • A booming scale-up: our environment is rapidly growing in Europe, the USA and soon in Asia!

    • And honestly, a lot of fun: you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, open-minded and friendly environment, our Culture team really understands their assignment ;) 

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    1. How can I best prepare my application?

    Take the list of requirements from the Job Description, read each line & point on your own resumé where the requirement is fulfilled ! All there? You’re good to go. If something is missing, feel free to use the space for a Cover Letter in the application to emphasize your motivation for tech, circular economy & Back Market.  

    2. How can I best prepare for the interviews? 

    Research. There’s blogs, there’s social media accounts, there’s a lot to discover and, believe us, that information will not go unnoticed in the interviews.

    Practice. It’s not a secret that a question “please introduce yourself” is something that will be the start of many interviews and this is surely something you can prep for! 

    3. How do I know which Tribe I’ll be allocated to? Which city?

    In order to confuse you less, we will do the allocation on our end. Each candidate is different & each Tribe has a different need for a set of skills. Most of the roles are based in Paris but we always check in, when it comes to your preferences. 

    4. What is the application & recruitment process?

    The application is straight forward - you attach your CV and answer some filtering questions. You choose the language you prefer to use in the conversations, except the initial call with HR. The rest of the process: 

    - 30 min HR call with the recruiter (in English);

    - 48 hours to work on a technical test;

    - 1 hour for a technical interview;

    - 1 hour interview with the hiring manager;

    - 15-20 minutes for an interview with the head of department;

    5. Is the internship paid? What else is in the package?

    Yes, indeed, the internships are paid. You also get meal vouchers, 6 days off throughout the 6 months & support for public transport expenses. And some discounts on Back Market’s platform, bien sûr! 

    6. How are the interviews conducted?

    Phone call with the recruiter and then video calls (we use Zoom!).

    7. How are you dealing with the pandemic?

    We coordinate the capacity of our offices to be careful & respectful to the national recommendations. Currently we are coming 2x/week to the office & constantly adapt to whatever the latest recommendations are. Internships cannot be full-remote (unless absolutely necessary due to the pandemic).

    Back Market is an Equal Opportunity Employer for any minority, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

    Additional Information

    • Contract Type: Internship
    • Location: Bordeaux, France ()