Senior iOS Engineer

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Berlin, Germany (10117)


BackMarket is the number one European (and soon global) marketplace specializing in the sale of fully refurbished tech devices.

Job Description

Back Market is the #1 marketplace for refurbished electronic devices in Europe and in the US, leading the way in a shift towards a circular economy, freeing the planet from electronic waste. We are proud to sabotage ‘new’ by connecting highly certified professionals to consumers who are looking for a more affordable, reliable and an ecological alternative to purchasing brand new products.  

Back Market is undergoing meteoric growth and has raised over 884M€ already! We have the objective of reaching 1000 Back Makers by the end of 2022! We are thrilled to have an inclusive, fulfilling and caring work environment in all our offices (Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin, Barcelona & New-York). This is an opportunity for you to join a talented, humble and passionate team at the heart of innovation : the Bureau Of Technology

Be a part of the movement. Join the refurb revolution.

We are looking for a Senior iOS Engineer to work inside the CARE Tribe, which is in charge of all after sales activities, features and services on the Back Market app & platform. It will be a great opportunity to evangelize the native app in the tribe and help to grow the team & app features.

Thanks to your engineering skills, code & reviews process, you will also take part in a mobile engineering chapter, with talented iOS, Android, and QA engineers. You will learn, share, and improve all together, in addition to scaling up our mobile app’s architecture & delivery at Back Market.  

Whether you're hooked on Swift developing advanced UI with motion, or purely Core, you will work efficiently and you will favor collaborative work by remaining open to new ideas. 

For the next year, we have huge ambitions, that’s why we are looking for iOS & Android engineers who are inspired in developing an m-commerce app, with an optimized and advanced user experience. We are just at the beginning of the m-commerce app and we want to accelerate it with amazing features.

This is who you are:

  • You are a developer with more than 6 years of experience on iOS, with some apps released on the App Store or B2B,
  • You know how to build Swift applications with solid architecture and cutting (MVVM-C architecture, multi-modules, dependency injection),
  • You know & use event programming with RxSwift, you already used the new Swift concurrency (we want to migrate to async await)
  • You know how to test your code and avoid regressions (Unit & UI tests) and collaborating with our QA engineer.
  • You have a good understanding of an iOS app lifecycle and performance optimizations (app launch, app size, debug memory leaks, smooth UI, etc.)
  • You are curious and proactive about Swift and the iOS tech: SwiftUI (we plan it for 2022), property wrappers, function builders, async-await, etc.
  • You know how to work with a team  with advanced Git commands, Git-flow and by using clean Pull Request & code review,
  • Code is power: you like to code interfaces (no storyboard files) and advanced animations, without external libraries 
  • You understand and can contribute on the integration stack: Bitrise, Fastlane, delivery automatization (Testflight, Crashlytics, Firebase App Distribution, Github Actions etc.),
  • With the entire team, you follow and maintain the app monitoring : KPIs, logs, crash reporting, dashboards,
  • You continually maintain technical and functional exchanges with the Android team 🤖 (Kotlin Multi Platform for instance)
  • You take part in the meetups and lectures of the community (dotSwift, FrenchKit, WWDC, Cocoaheads, etc.)
  • You are a fan of the “amazing” and the “woooo” during the Keynote and the WWDC sessions. Being a fan of Jony Ive (before its departure) is a big plus

    • A meaningful job: through hard work, you will help avoid thousands of tons of electronic waste and fight against planned obsolescence. It counts!

    • An attractive salary, equity, multiple benefits (meal tickets, health insurance, etc...), parental benefits, #remote friendly company, relocation package, internal events, etc… 

    • Technical challenges all day every day: you will have the freedom to innovate and adopt new ideas!

    • Work with passionate experts who will share their knowledge and help you develop and grow! (Backademy, technical guilds, Meet-up & Conference) 

    • Grow your career with a flexible career path, BackMarket can help you evolve!

    • A booming scale-up: our environment is rapidly growing in Europe, the USA and soon in Asia!

    • A lot of fun: you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, open-minded and friendly environment.

    BackMarket is an Equal Opportunity Employer for any minority, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.


    Additional Information

    • Contract Type: Full-Time
    • Location: Berlin, Germany (10117)
    • Experience: > 5 years