Bureau Of Technology

UX Researcher

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Lieu : Ile De France, France (75019)

À propos

Chez** Back Market**, nous avons à cœur de promouvoir un nouveau mode de consommation favorisant l’économie circulaire tout en luttant contre le gâchis électronique et l’obsolescence programmée.
1ere marketplace européenne (et bientôt mondiale !!!) dédiée exclusivement à la vente de produits électroniques reconditionnés, nous connectons professionnels certifiés (usines de reconditionnement, distributeurs, etc..) donnant une seconde vie à vos équipements et clients à la recherche de qualité, d’accessibilité et d’un type de consommation plus écologique.

Ce que l'on recherche au sein de Back Market? Une bonne dose d'humour, respect et bienveillance, un amour pour les lapins, un peu de zèle et une réelle expertise dans ton domaine 💪 ! Pour la bonne personne, c’est l’occasion de participer à la construction d’une marketplace de premier plan, directement dans l'équipe au cœur de l’innovation : le Bureau Of Technology.

Tu veux en savoir plus sur l'organisation des équipes techniques et les features teams. : Un peu de lecture. 🤓

Descriptif du poste

As a UX Researcher at Back Market, you will be responsible for delivering actionable recommendations. You will do evangelism with product and business teams on benefits and good practices. And you will always contribute to improve our research process, tools and communications.

You love to think about what is behind a problem and have a long term vision about it.

At Back Market we have 3 type of people: the one working for the business, the one working for the quality, and the one working for the product. It is obvious that all of them are important and you will be essentiel in this balance.

A lot of problems come from the business and they often have solutions to tackle them. You will have to work closer to them to collect more knowledge about how they work in order to carry a research culture with them. You will become their best ally for all the evolutions they need. That means that you will gather a lot of qualitative informations from sales and our merchants to support your ideas.

The quality part of Back Market is the closest to our users (our clients but also our merchants). They have access to a lot of precious feedback and it will be in your missions to find a way to better to organize them and make them useful for the whole company. And as you will also be in charge of finding problems that aren’t coming from the business, it will be à great opportunity to be closer to the user, to define personas, to conduct interviews, and to define KPI that are not link to the market.

And finally we have the product composed of feature teams and every one of them have a PO, a Designer, and several Developers. After your research you will closely work with Product Designers & Product Owners to ensure the quality of our product from a UX perspective.
We also have a Data Analysts department dedicated to the product. They monitor KPIs for each feature teams and they are the one in charge for the AB tests. This is your chance to understand how the product “lives” and how users are consuming it.

Profil recherché

  • You have a strong experience conducting research (qualitative and quantitative research methods, including usability testing, observational research, user interviews, surveys, card sorts, contextual inquiry, etc.)
  • You are problem oriented (and not solution centric)
  • You have some strong presentation and communication skills
  • Team spirit is essential for you, you are a human² and good work relationships are important for you
  • You have a real product culture and you are always looking for new inspiration
  • You speak and write in proper english and another language (preferably french, german or spanish)
  • A background or knowledge in psychology is a strong plus

²if you are a dolphin it’s okay too

Process de recrutement

  • Phone pre-qualification with our recruiter
  • Technical interview with a UX Researcher and a Web Analyst
  • Technical test
  • Relationship interview with future colleagues
  • Meeting with Head of Product, CCO, & CTO

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Lieu : Ile De France, France (75019)